Greta’s Speech in New York

What is she doing there? According to her, the earth is burning and everybody should feel the same panic she is obviously feeling. Weird, really weird, how the mental state of a 16-year-old, unhappy and psychologically unstable girl gains influence over some part of the western world. She appears to be the new sun round which the earth with all its peoples should rotate, a new deity in the skies.

And her influence on some media has already reached such disastrous levels that in a German (!) newspaper the question has already been posed if democracies are still able to solve those „climate problems“ or if „green climate dictatorships“ are needed. Now, this is becoming really serious: That a German newspaper asks this question. Has the world not had more than enough of dictatorships made in Germany?? Whether they be „green“ or of another color? Really- the VERY LAST thing the world needs is another dictatorship made in Germany. Not even one that might be approved by celestial Greta (though, honestly, we really doubt that she would).

„This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be standing here“, Greta says at the beginning of her tearful and over- emotional speech at the UN assembly. It is a more than true sentence. She should indeed NOT be standing there at all. Whether or not being the so-called „head figure“ of the climate movement, a girl of 16 should not have travelled to New York and the Americas to lecture the leading politicians of the world.

What she has to say to them – allegedly and if at all- she could have said to them in the same way as the pope has done it: By sending a video message to the participants of the UN Climate Action Summit.

However, of course, this would by far not have had the same effect as the live Greta. First her ridiculous way of getting there on a racing boat made of ecologically unfriendly material (high in Co2) under the acclamation of all the media crazy for the newest „climate hype“. Then the girl herself standing in front of all the cameras, half crying, accusations spitting and emotionally utterly overwhelmed. „How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.“ Who has stolen her dreams? Who has stolen her childhood? The people behind the scene who exploit her for their own ends? Her parents who allow her to travel to the USA in such an absurd way?

In which ways has her childhood been stolen other than that she suffers from a state of mind or illness that makes her more focused on whatever has gained priority over her mind? And that is not „the world’s“ fault. It might be her parents fault who expose her in such a way to „the world“. How dare they?

„I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean.“ Alas, how right she is with this statement. Indeed, she should be at home, at school, getting a good education, so that later in life she can help make the world a better place by contributing something new to science maybe, or technology. Maybe she should ask her daddy and mommy why she finds herself in New York and not at home in Stockholm and at school where she belongs. What is a 16-year-old doing in NY all day long without a mother who cares? Without her family? Without a structured day, without going to school, without any purpose apart from hanging around and once in a while joining some US teenagers in their quest for saving „the climate“. For endless months she will obviously not be doing anything sensible but hang around till she can finally get to Chile to give another such tearful speech full of accusations and threats. And how will she then get back home to lovely, peaceful Sweden? Again by a carbon boat?

With full venom she shouts at the assembly (some of them sniggering at first): „Yet you all come to me for hope? How dare you!“ Wow, now she IS getting serious. Everybody – in her perception- comes to her for hope. Like in the olden days during the occupation of France by the English when the French king and noblemen came to Jeanne d’Arc for help and hope. Now they come to holy Greta, a modern day Jeanne. However, holy Greta is angry, no, furious and doesn’t want to give them hope: How dare you? Indeed.

Has anybody REALLY come to her for HOPE? Not likely. This idea exists only in her overwrought imagination. Politicians came to the assembly in NY because of that: the UN assembly. They didn’t come to Greta or because of Greta. It just happened that Greta came to this assembly herself, in person, because her managers in the background found it obviously more useful that she came in person instead of giving her speech via video message. So she is a tiny little bit too convinced of her own greatness and importance– this new sun.

„People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction,“ she continues. People around the world are suffering and dying, that’s right. However, they are not suffering and dying from climate change – at least not yet-, but because of corrupt and incompetent politicians and dictators, who exploit the peoples. They are suffering and dying because of those warmongers and criminals who rule in their countries and who do not mind sacrificing hundreds of thousands of young people for their own egoistic aims and war gains and their own power games.

And they are suffering and dying because their parents have chosen to have not one, two or maybe at the utmost three children who they can care for properly and who can get a decent education if not a good one, but far too many. Children who cannot get educated because their parents don’t have the means to do so. Children who cannot get fed because their parents are far too poor. Children who boost the world’s already 8 billion towards a more than dangerous 10 billion. It is not those children’s fault. But those numbers of humans getting squashed into more than unhealthy and dangerous mega-cities is just too much for good old earth. This is the real reason why there is too much pollution and why there are too many animals becoming extinct: because mankind spreads far too much and takes away all the resources from nature and a healthy, natural environment.

The countries that have the biggest impact on the CO2 levels and everything else that might be dangerous for the climate on earth, are China and India with their huge populations that are still growing far too much, especially in India. Followed by the USA with their uncontrolled consumption and thoughtless squandering of resources. They are then followed by Russia and Japan.

After her first fury Greta calms down a little while giving some numbers about CO2 levels, which for her are the utmost evil in this world. And which, of course, according to her mind and knowledge are a given, not to be doubted, because „the scientists“ – the ones, of course, who are of Greta’s opinion- should be „listened to“. And, of course, the bad, bad politicians who do not listen to her, are as evil as the level of CO2 in her opinion. Though at that assembly the countries producing the most pollution were not even represented. Thus she warns and accuses the ones who were there and threatens them with legal steps she will take and accusations she will make.

Mr Trump entered the scene and just ignored her, though holy Greta was standing only a few meters away from him. Her face showed her feelings. She would probably have loved to give him a piece of her mind. However, this didn’t happen. For him she is a young student, full stop, whose presence is to be ignored entirely and who shouldn’t be there at all in the first place.

She ends her speech with another wave of emotions and threats towards the politicians and the older generations in general: „The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you. We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.“

Okay, Greta and some others -who?- „draw a line“. She will never forgive the older generations for ruining HER life. Isn’t the whole show a bit Greta centered? Greta’s life is damaged, she shouldn’t be there, she shouldn’t have to tell the world the whole truth and nothing but the truth, she will never forgive… Obviously it is her opinion that she has to sacrifice herself, her „childhood“ and wellbeing to save the bad, bad world.

Maybe people say one should not criticize a slightly damaged 16-year-old. But if this is so, then such a child should maybe NOT behave as if she were the centre of the world and the only savior? She herself and her supporters put her into the spotlights of center stage. Having turned her into an icon, a new sun round which we all have to rotate, they should not wonder that she is in the spotlight now.

And others, youngish people – boosted by some older and experienced anarchistic fighters on the left end, who use every opportunity they can get to „fight“ the so-called „bad system“ – use Greta’s example of wanting to improve the world as a pretext to jump onto that bandwagon and try to „improve“ the world in their own way. They, for example, set fire to some part of the public transport system in Berlin, to create chaos for their own ends. Under the pretext, of course, of doing „some good“ for the „climate“. How damaging the public transport system – of all things – of a big city should improve the climate is their own well-kept secret.

Thus Greta and her ideas are used and abused by all kinds of chaotic anarchists and news media who would really love to demolish our functioning democracies and business systems and create a new dictatorship on the basis of Red (Green) and communist, like in the bad old days of Lenin and Stalin.

24./ 25. Sept. 2019)