Is Panic a Good Advisor?

Some people, like Greta- the- Holy or the notorious Ms Rackete, the latter one believing that she can save the world by bringing as many asylum seekers as possible to Europe, love spreading panic regarding „climate change“ or as Rackete even calls it „climate breakdown“ („… millions will be forced to migrate to avoid ever-changing, ever-worsening environmental conditions.“). – Her silly statement can be found in the leftist The Guardian

How often, during the billions of years that Earth has existed before even one single human being has set her foot on it, have there been „climate changes“ or even „climate breakdowns“? Uncountable times. And it might happen again.

Under the influence of those Gretas, some mayors of European cities have even gone so far as to declare a „climate catastrophe“ thus pushing the panic button as well.
Stupid! Because: What exactly will they change with this silly declaration? What exactly do they want to achieve with it? Has ANYTHING been improved because of those declarations?

Now that Greta is spending a gap year in the Americas, at least people in Europe can breathe more freely again. A gap year for all of us here. A gap year from being bombarded by the media day in and day out with what Greta says and Greta thinks and Greta does. Not any more for the time being. Good riddance, dear Greta!

After having made that ridiculous and unnecessary voyage on that allegedly carbon free (though totally made of carbon) racing boat to get to the States, she has made her statement: One can travel without (well, not really because of that full-carbon boat) CO2. Apart from that: Of course it’s possible. For everyone who has the time to spend a whole year doing nothing; sailing around the world in a wooden vessel without even an emergency engine. Only: Greta was not consequent enough to do this. And the crew that transported her and her father across the ocean had to fly in and out and another crew later flew in to take the boat back to Europe. She herself travelled back on another sailing boat with a professional sailor flown in for the purpose.

Co-2 Free??

What is she doing in the USA apart from the two speeches she has planned to give to the adoring public? Which she could easily have given via the Internet, by the way, without traveling there at all. Is she going to spread more panic? So far the Americans have not really realized that there is such a young girl who wants the whole world to panic because she panics and because Germany has caught that infection so successfully. That she wants everybody to „panic“ because of the climate. Is panicking a good reaction to today’s world’s problems and challenges? Not at all.

It would be far more rational and sensible not to panic and to really listen to what scientists have to say. Obviously she and especially the people behind her who see the opportunity of making big money with this climate hype and Greta-Hype do not consider science at all. Though she always admonishes Trump and others to „listen to the scientists“. If she herself and her entourage in the background considered science, she would go and study at the MIT or the Swiss ETH or any other great place for science and technology to find solutions for those problems and challenges. And not hang around in the USA and South America for several months doing nothing apart from spreading panic.

And, by the way, WHAT exactly do „the scientists“ say?
Well, one says one thing and another says the opposite.
And what do they do?
They try to find solutions to the manifold problems of this world. There are researchers who have found out that deserts can be made greener and this would even further more rainfall – they already started experiments in the desert of Qatar. Others try to put CO2 back into the ground, in Scandinavia e.g. Or they are working on CO2 free fuel for airplanes.

All this is clever and much better than paying lip service to an alleged climate catastrophe that might or might not happen in the future.
What Africa will look like in 20 or 30 years‘ time we cannot say. Under the pretext of climate change people like those NGO captains want to make us believe that there is no other way than to transport as many Africans as possible to Europe. They use „the climate“ for their own ends of trafficking people and luring more and more people to Europe. (The estimated readers can watch the Documentary on the German TV Channel 2 from Sept.4, which shows how Africans and other people are lured by fairy tale images to Germany/ Europe).
And what we can say is that transporting more and more Africans to Europe with the help of some naive NGOs and of unscrupulous trafficking gangs, is more than stupid. It is reckless and irresponsible. And it does not help to solve one single problem. Neither in Africa nor in Europe. The opposite. It increases old problems and creates new ones including mankind’s „footsteps“ on this earth.

However, everyone, whether in Africa or Europe, in the Americas or Asia or Australia should try to take responsibility for their own behavior towards Mother Earth. Everybody whether poor or rich, can clean up behind themselves and not litter the oceans and landscapes with plastic. Everybody can take care of nature and our environment, respect the biodiversity, the world of plants and animals that help us survive.

All those teenagers who have caught the Greta bug should go and busily study sciences at school instead of not going to school. They should stop getting the newest gadgets and clothes every few months and fly during the holidays. They should stop using their cell phones 365/24, which is totally unnecessary and needs heaps of energy.

There is need for good science and clever and ingenious researchers, scientists and engineers, for good education and excellent ideas and creativity.
But there is no need at all for people who make us believe that panic is a good answer. There is no need for Left-extremists who use this Hype to smash and burn cars and other property of hard-working people. There is no need for hysterical teenagers. There is no need for Green politicians flirting with green dictatorship and control of everybody’s movements and preferences and thoughts and minds. Especially not from politicians who are nothing but green storytellers and who don’t even have a proper university education or vocational training.

(revised 29. January 2022)