Part I: Ethnicity and Migration

“Every night, when I go to bed, I do so full of strength and hope because I can see in my own country the rainbow nation emerging. Different cultures, but one nation.”
Nelson Mandela wrote this in the hope that his dream would come true and the people of diverse cultures and different ethnicity in his country would live together peacefully in the future.
They did – for some time and as long as there were no bigger problems they had to struggle against and cope with.
However, after Covid, the lockdown, the slump in the economy, the increasing poverty of large parts of the population and a prison sentence for the corrupt former president Zuma, troubles restarted.

So, is it only the dream of utopians to believe in a peaceful Multikulti society?

The green and leftist parties of mostly western and northern European countries love and nurse the idea of tearing down all borders and of opening all countries to whoever feels like immigrating into one of them. Especially if they arrive in European countries that provide such enticing and attractive social security and safety nets and hand out lots of money to all people in need.
The supporters of that idea maintain that it is a human right that everybody can come and choose where he/ she wants to live – worldwide.
Of course, those utopists – a minority in every country – do have a right to their opinion.
However, other people, or the majority of people in every country, must also be allowed to have a right to maintain quite a different opinion.
The question then is – who is right? Or do maybe both have the right on their side?

Let’s have a look at history.

There has always been migration, since times immemorial. Hundreds of thousands of years ago different types of humans developed in different parts of the world and lived their own lives till one day they met somewhere and had first, smallish “clashes of civilizations”. Which the Neandertaler humans and some other types did not really survive. They became extinct. Though nowadays scientists have found out that a tiny percentage -somewhere between 1 – 6 % – of the Neandertaler genes can still be found in most of the Homo Sapiens (our species). Sapiens were the winners, obviously the more successful human species, though some Neandertaler somehow managed to pass on some of their genes by mating with Sapiens.

A Neandertaler or a Denisova e.g. would probably not say that the Sapiens migration out of Africa was such a great thing as the result of it was their own extinction.

Thousands and thousands of years later the world had developed into empires and nation states. Empires ruled over several nations/ cultures and/ or one nation became one state. During the period of colonization – roughly from the 16th to the 20th centuries – lots of Europeans migrated to continents or countries that had “no proper population”, that was kind of “empty” in the opinion of those European conquerors. They spread across the whole of both Americas, regardless of the indigenous population there, who were either killed by the European conquerors or died of diseases the latter ones carried across the ocean. The same happened later to the Aborigines of Australia and the indigenous population of New Zealand. Winner takes all!

It was in a way what the utopians of nowadays‘ green and left parties demand: “Go and settle wherever you like, without any consideration of the peoples who have been living there already for thousands of years.” These utopians are the modern Gods who send people out into the world to settle in the lands promised by themselves.

Only that, when it comes to colonialism, the green and leftists of today deny the old colonialists what they are demanding for the rest of the world population of today. In their opinion, only modern colonialism of peoples of developing countries is the “right” colonialism. And it is not called „colonialism“ any more, of course. It’s fashionable to call it „re-settlement“. And only people from failed states have the God-given (i.e. green and red -given) „right“ to re-settle wherever they like. Only the latter ones may intrude into western societies, get supported there and exploit the peoples of western countries.

What about the same rights for everyone? Can Europeans just intrude into any country in the world, spread their own ideas there and demand the people of those countries to support the newcomers? No way! Forget it! Then it’s bad old colonialism.

Back to history

From the 16th century on some European nations, especially Portugal, Spain, Great Britain and France started exporting people they called “slaves” from Africa to replace the indigenous workforce of the Americas that had more or less been eliminated by them in the meantime. They copied a model that had been existing for hundreds of years before, namely the slave trade Muslim nations had established to satisfy the demand for slaves in the Middle East. Both – the Muslims and the Europeans – worked together with North African slave catchers and traders who raided African countries south of the Sahara to kidnap people for their evil trade.

Later, when especially the French and British thought it to be a good idea not only to export peoples from Africa to the “New World” but to conquer African states and areas themselves and settle there, they stopped the slave export. Of course, they needed the Africans on the African continent to work for them, the new European settlers in Africa itself.
There was a lot of disputes and fighting about who could grab which piece of Africa, like dogs fighting for a piece of meat or bone. And in the end the continent was cut up into countries whose borders were established according to the needs and ambitions of the European powers.

Nowadays everybody realizes how wrong this was and that ethnicities who had nothing in common should never have been forced into the newly founded “states” made by the French, the British and to a minor degree by Belgians, Germans and Italians. Especially the left and the green party members complain about those “unnatural borders” that forced nations or ethnic groups into artificially created states.
Every time a civil war breaks out somewhere in Africa, the blame is – justly – put on the Europeans who had forced completely different and often hostile African ethnicities or cultures to live together with their archenemies in one state. There are lots of examples of this fatal policy: Nigeria, Ruanda, Kongo, Ethiopia, South Africa, the former Rhodesia, Sudan, Somalia, you name it.

In other words: Mixing cultures, creating Multikulti states without the approval of the populations affected by such policies is dangerous, unjust and stupid. What is true for Africa and the Middle East is not less true for Europe. Why should Multikulti societies be artificially created in Europe nowadays, when everybody who has some brain to think things through can see that Multikulti has never ever worked anywhere?

The rainbow nation is, after all, probably as ephemeral as a rainbow in the sky – nice to think of, beautiful to look at, but not really existing, neither in the fairy tale of the gold pot nor in reality.

(To be continued)

(25. July 2021)