Catholic Churches Are Burning

in Canada.

Is anybody surprised by this?

Burning down churches is not something we approve of, because we do not approve of any form of violence, even violence against empty buildings.

However, we approve even less of violence against children. In fact, committing crimes against children are by far the very worst crimes at all! Crimes the Roman Catholic Church, calling itself the only right church, the holy church, the Holy See, has been committing for decades and decades against the children of the First Nation Canadians without any remorse. Without any criticism from any pope on the long list of popes who call themselves holy fathers.

Nice „fathers“ they have been for the poor children who died of neglection and starvation, of crimes committed against them by the representatives, nuns, priests, bishops of the Canadian Roman Catholic Church in utterly deplorable and cruel „homes“ those children were forced to live in under the command of the above said nuns and priests.

To give you an impression what was happening in those cruel „homes“ for children, we can recommend the book „Before We Were Yours“ by US American author Lisa Wingate. Though the children in this book were US Americans, the background of the orphanage is very similar to the one of the Canadian victims.

The Canadian children were taken away from their parents and families by force, by the state and the Catholic Church to turn them into „Christians“ – Who wants to become a „Christian“ if this is the „role model“? To become a cruel, criminal person, without any conscience, without any empathy for the suffering of children and their birth families?

It was and is a tragedy and the children and their families are to be pitied.

It has happened again and again, for hundreds of years, nearly everywhere in the world where the Roman Catholic Church can be found, from Australia’s Aborigines to European orphanages ( a very bad example among others is Roman Catholic Ireland) to the USA and Canada, to Asian orphanages run by the church. One horror after the other for children.

Though lots of people in this world have said: „Sorry“ for what happened (Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and other countries), however, so far no one has ever heard one single word of „We are very sorry for what we have done to so many families and to their children who have been neglected, exploited, sexually abused and murdered by our nuns and priests and bishops and the holy church“ by any of the many popes who are the highest representatives and authorities and responsible for everything that happens and happened under their respective rules.

And not one cent of the heaps of money that can be found in the deep coffers of the Vatican has been paid as compensation to any of those families whose children have been kidnapped and abused by the church.

No, they are not sorry.

Does this mean, they even enjoy the cruelties against children?

Returning to the burning churches: Is anyone surprised that maybe a tiny number of the hundreds of thousands of angry families of murdered children now burn down one or the other church in Canada after everything the Roman Catholic Church has done to their children and to these families? After all, they only burn down empty buildings, empty of any god and any good faith; they do not kill children.

30 June 2021