This club is at home on the European Continent and consists mainly of politicians of nearly all European countries.

In another article („The Parable of the 10 Virgins“) we have already discussed the total failures of German and Swiss vaccination policies. However, to complete the picture, we must add the following:

On Monday, 4. January, some elderly people arrived at the medical centre in Zurich where they should get their vaccinations against Covid-19. However, though they had booked an appointment, somehow the software had not worked correctly and the old people were sent home again. One must add that there is only one centre in the whole Kanton Zurich that is quite big. So the people had to travel by car or public transport in vain. The break-down is a scandal and shows the incompetence of the officials.

The New York Times writes today, 6. January, under the heading „Europe’s vaccine rollouts are lagging“:“Italy and Greece have shortages of needles. Spain has not trained enough nurses. France has managed to vaccinate only 7,000 people or so. Poland’s program was rocked by scandal over celebrity inoculations. The Netherlands is beginning its campaign 10 days after receiving its doses. “

It is scandalous how politicians in Europe do not take vaccination seriously, how they have muddled it all up and how they mock the people. In lots of countries there is some vaccine by now – not really very much because they have failed to order and buy enough – however, it is still kept frozen though it has to be used as soon as possible because most vaccination centers are not ready yet.

As a citizen of those incompetent countries one feels completely helpless. Instead of being able to get vaccinated after this troublesome and horrid year, the politicians seem to be prepared to prolong this horrid situation on purpose instead of going ahead with vaccinating people.

Maybe they want to keep the power they have gained during all those lock-downs a bit longer. As soon as the virus is conquered by vaccination they have to return all the power to the peoples of Europe again.

Another sad story at the beginning of the New Year, which should have a positive beginning. But, alas, the character of European politicians and their capabilities are really to be doubted.

(6. January)