We wish everyone a Happy and especially healthy New Year!

Allen Leserinnen und Lesern ein gutes und vor allem auch gesundes Neues Jahr!

We cannot say what exactly is going to happen in the year 2021. Nobody is really a clairvoyant. However, there are a few issues we want to discuss now, at the start of the new year.

  1. The vaccination against the covid virus everybody longed for these last months. Now there are even several vaccines available and some states have already started inoculating their citizens, e.g. ISRAEL, which has been a role model and has already vaccinated ONE MILLION people. They started on 19. December while other countries, like SWITZERLAND e.g. (one of the worst examples in this regard of the western, industrialized nations) are still sleeping their “Sleeping Beauty” sleep and think discussing other “important” matters, for example whether to open the ski slopes or not, is more important than vaccination.
  2. The virus can only be conquered when every single country vaccinates people in their thousands every day as fast as possible. Each day lost, means lost lives, dead and dangerously sick people and exhausted nurses and doctors. All this must weigh heavily on the conscience – IF they possess any conscience at all – of those incompetent and incapable politicians e.g. in Switzerland who have done NOTHING so far to speed up the process. They only make bad excuses to hide their incompetence and stupidity. This is a really bad start into the New Year.
  3. Scientists already warn of the danger that the virus might adapt to the vaccination and change its structure if governments dally with vaccination. This means that people MUST be vaccinated everywhere as FAST AS POSSIBLE TO PROTECT US FROM THIS DANGER.
A fast vaccination worldwide is de rigueur

4. Another big issue this year will be the question of Afghanistan. There is a debate going on in the media how likely it might be that new president Biden will withdraw all the US troops from Afghanistan as Trump promised to do. If they return home to the USA, of course also the other NATO states have to call back their troops. Some people argue they should stay there for some more time because if they return to their home countries very soon, the Taliban will take over completely again and the peace process that is allegedly going on there, will be stopped.

The Taliban will take over the country anyway, with or without foreign troops; they have already done so in large parts. And there is no use at all in staying there for more months or years or whatever. The US and their allied forces have been there since 2001: for 19 years!! If they have not achieved what they had wanted to in those long years, they will certainly not achieve it either in a few more months. And no foreign troops can stay forever in any country. Apart from this: What is it they want? What is their goal? That the Taliban accept the US conditions and western standards? A western kind of democracy? Why should they? That they should stop terrorism? They don’t anyway, as everyone can read in every newspaper daily. There are bombings on a daily basis with or without foreign troops in the country. There are violations of human and female rights every day and there will be, every day – with or without NATO/US troops.

The Afghan society is a macho-male-trigger-happy-super-stupid male society. The situation there will only change if the millions of super stupid men realize one day in a thousand years that such a society is no good at all. However, the western world cannot change those muddled brains of those muddled males. The opposite: the more the west insists on decent behaviour, on human rights, on a stop to all this bombing, shooting and cruelty to women, the more those machos will insist on continuing their foolishness, their war crimes and their crimes against humanity.

It is certainly best to leave them alone, leave them to their own devices! Maybe one day the women there will take over and teach better values and manners to their sons. It’s not worth neither the effort, nor the money or the time to spend more months or even years in such a dreadful, lawless and hopeless country of utter fools.

5. Nearer to home, in Europe, there will be a great change because Madam Merkel the (not so) great will step down. Hurray! It’s high time that she did. In our opinion there should be only two periods of five years (instead of four) each for ANY politician to lead and/ rule. Now the big question is, of course, WHO is going to follow her?

None of the candidates is really totally convincing. We would vote for Merz. However, even he has to rule in a coalition together with some other party. And this will probably be the Green Party with teddybear Habeck and Ms Baerbock at the helm. They want to become Bundeskanzler one day soon or at least have a BIG say as “Ministers” in important government positions.

The Green Party/ Bündnis 90 is a party with partly completely shocking views. Starting out as an alternative with outright criminal views such as “paedophilia is okay”; even teachers in private schools were encouraged to have sex with underage students and mere children. One of their representatives, Joschka Fischer, used to think it normal to attack police officers, he threw stones on (as the party used to call them) “Scheiss Bullen” (fuck policemen). This man, without a decent education, a degree from a highschool, university or vocational college, five times married to ever younger women, even became German minister of the exterior. A surprising career for an uneducated nobody and a former rebel.

Later, in their party’s main meeting in Berlin on 12. October 1997, the Green Party pronounced in all seriousness that they were completely against gene technology and wanted it to be prohibited: „Bündnis 90/Die Grünen lehnen Gentechnik grundsätzlich und für alle Anwendungsbereiche ab. Wir wollen deshalb die Gentechnik zurückdrängen.“

If they had been a ruling party, a coalition party at that time, and if they had had their say, the world would not have the Biontech/ Pfizer vaccination now. Luckily the Green Party were not in power then.

Can and should such a party be a leading party now? Should its members become acting ministers with responsibilities for the country? We would say NO! Not at all! Of course, they have changed during the last years. However, they are still as irrational and as irresponsible regarding the security of the country and its borders as they used to be concerning biotechnology and paedophilia and other important matters.

It is up to the German people, of course, to vote for or against certain parties and their representatives. Lots of German citizens are complaining in the media about their bad and irresponsible government and biased media, especially regarding the irresponsible opening of the borders to anyone who feels like entering the country and profiting from its social security system.

Quite in opposition to ALL the other countries in the world. There is NOT ONE that allows all migrants and asylum seekers in without any conditions, without any control, and/or without even knowing or asking WHO the people are and where they are from.


5. And last but not least there are the troubling problems and questions regarding those dictators worldwide, from China, via Saudi-Arabia to Turkey, some Southamerican countries and others who kill and torture citizens for no reason, incarcerate them without any trials, not to speak of a judicial system that really deserves this name. Those dictators behave in a way as if they were above the law, above humanity, above everything that is decent, just and morally right.

People worldwide should not tolerate intolerable behaviour whether it comes from asylum seekers or dictators, whether a religion or another ideology backs it up.

Let’s hope that 2021 will be a better year than the last one was with all its troubles, stupid presidents, dictators and irresponsible politicians. It seems that people who act in a reasonable way as long as they work in a real job, forget everything about efficiency, responsibility, decency, ability a.s.o. as soon as they become politicians. There are – of course – a very few exceptions to this sad rule. Far too few, though.

(1. January 2021)