This is a Horrible Pigsty, a Most Cruel Prison for Pigs

Pigs are really intelligent animals. And they love life as humans do. Everybody who has a human heart and a human conscious agrees that pigs should NOT be kept under such cruel circumstances as the picture above shows.

And there is a beautiful fairy tale about keeping pigs in a decent way so that they can enjoy their lives and be happy for at least the little time humans allow them before they get killed and eaten:

Once upon a time there was a farmer in the lovely Swiss hills who wanted to give his pigs a decent life, to give them the possibility to roam freely in the meadows on those green hills. The pigs enjoyed their lives very much. They had enough food and water, nature and freedom. They did not trample each other to death, they did not catch infectious diseases because of being squashed into narrow stables without light and air.

However, as in any decent fairy tale, there are also those terribly bad beings, witches, trolls and gnomes who do not want the farmer and his pigs to be happy.

Happy Pigs with their tent in the background

So they tried to find some bad reason to end the happiness of the poor pigs. „These plastic tunnels that stand on the meadow giving shelter to the pigs and their food are not beautiful enough; it is not a shelter that quite fits our high standard of landscape, our green hills and forests. They look ugly. They have to be removed. The pigs have to be put into conventional sties. They have to be made to suffer.“

„Oh, soo?“ said the farmer. „There are thousands of buildings and other stuff around our lovely hills that are extremely ugly. Just have a look at all those hey bales tightly wrapped in plastic and piled on top of each other in front of every farm house in the country. There are those ugly plastic tunnels for fruits and vegetables, a whole landscape covered in plastic sheets. And the few plastic tents on my meadows should be uglier than all the rest of it? Give me a break!“

This IS UGLY indeed. However, the bureaucrats don’t mind it

Bad people always insist on their badness, as everyone knows. So did the witch and her trolls: „By Christmas (of all dates: Christmas!!) those tents must be removed and the pigs must be concealed inside horrible sties or we will fine you! We will take away the pigs and hand them over to people who treat them with the proper, prescribed cruelty,“ she shrieked.

And then she added: „I am not heartless, you know.“ Oh, wow, she isn’t, isn’t she? That’s news: to torture animals, demand that they be kept under horrible circumstances and then tell the world that one has „a heart for animals“? That’s not really likely, is it?

Poor bad witch and her helping mates. They have no hearts, no conscience, no one can love such a person. And the strangest thing: They belong to a party that calls itself: „Christian“. And now, this means a life like the one in the first picture for the poor animals and not a life like the one shown in the second.

People can be horrible and horribly stupid indeed.

However, there are still some decent people in Switzerland and they all signed a petition to force the witch and her trolls and gnomes to allow the farmer to continue keeping the animals in accordance with animal protection laws and their piggy nature.

We will wait and see, how the gnomes and trolls react.


Good guess!

There are about 1139 minkfarms with 15 – 17 million minks in that country. Did the minks ask to be kept in wire cages for their short lives? Did they ask to be tortured because some more than stupid, silly and irresponsible people want to wear mink coats or at least a mink collar or hat?

No, they didn’t, of course not, silly.

This is abominable. Only IDIOTS and ANIMAL TORTURERS can keep animals in such a way

These sweet and cute animals are kept in mink prisons of the most cruel kind because their jailors want it. They want to make big money out of the intense suffering of animals.

How cruel and stupid is this? Would ANY human being like to live in such a horrible cage? On wires? Totally against their nature? NO?

Then why do humans treat minks in this unbelievably cruel way? Don’t those Danish or Dutch farmers have any hearts? No, they don’t have any hearts and no conscience either. And do those buyers of fur coats have any hearts? No, they don’t either. They are dull, conceited, arrogant and stupid people.

However, the newest development is that those poor animals can also get the Corona virus and spread it.

And that’s why Denmark, like the Netherlands before them want to murder all 17 million minks in one go!!

This is as incredibly bad as bad can be. The year 2020 started with the murder of apes in the zoo of Krefeld by burning the animals to death and it continues with ill-treatment of millions of animals like the pigs and others and the murder of millions and millions, like the minks.

And in between are the Chinese and their communist government who keep animals under such horrible conditions that they developed the Corona virus and spread it all over the world.

Human beings are extinguishing themselves one day in the near future by showing the most abominable stupidity and behavior towards other living beings: animals.

And all the idiots who think that wearing mink coats (hats/ collars ect) is great, are in reality people who do not only murder animals but people as well, because the NEW VIRUS CAN KILL PEOPLE! And it’s their ( the producers and buyers of fur) fault that it came into existence!

(4. Nov. 2020)