What’s China Up To At The Moment? (Part 1)

A good question, indeed, one that somebody asked in a media forum the other day.

Indeed there is a kind of eerie – you can also call it a deafening – silence about China at the moment.

If one has a look at the statistics of the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) – which by the way offers programs funded by China (i.e.the Communist Party of China) – it states that China had 91’151 covid cases altogether and 4’739 deaths because of covid. That’s not a lot. Especially if one takes into account that the virus started in China and spread from there over the whole world. And it is even more astonishing because China has a population of 1,394,015,977 (July 2020).

Every other country with a large population has millions of infections or at least hundreds of thousands and far more deaths. 91’151 out of nearly 1.4 billion is next to nothing. How did they achieve this? Where they already PREPARED BEFORE THE VIRUS WAS STARTED? WAS IT MEANT TO START AND SPREAD?

How exactly did it start? That’s still not 100% clear either. Only that it started in Wuhan, China. Maybe in a wet market, or maybe as a release from a laboratory. Both locations can be found in Wuhan.

The virus was contained immediately by the Chinese authorities. They ordered a very strict lock-down in Wuhan and later some other places. However, the world was told about the danger only some weeks later. After it had already spread to other countries. And only after some honest and concerned Chinese doctors had started warnings about the virus.

What happened to those doctors? They were warned not to spread „lies“ about China by the Communist authorities. One of them then died – conveniently. Another one, a woman, has somehow vanished – from the earth, into a concentration camp??

What happened to Chineses journalists who wrote about the disease? Like Chen Qiushi who has never be seen again since February 2020?

It is well known all over the world that you can manage people in a dictatorship – and especially in such a strictly controlled one as China – much more easily than in the western open, democratic and individualistic societies. And by controlling the people you can also contain such a virus rapidly.

And nobody outside the inner circle of the Chinese Communist Party can really say or really knows what has happened inside China since December (or even November) 2019 when the disease started.

In other words: Whatever kind of viruses come into existence and spread all over the globe are much more easily controlled in China’s strict communist police state (Überwachungsstaat) than in any of the western democracies. That’s for sure. And the Chinese Communist Party knows, of course, that they can control it – and most other countries can’t. Especially those with extremely silly leaders like Trump of the USA, or the UK with Clown Boris.

This makes one think….There are still questions over questions to be asked. Though the Communist China obviously is not very keen on answering any of them.

The Chinese Communist Party is VERY INFLUENTIAL IN THE UNO AND ITS SUB-ORGANISATIONS nowadays. One could also say parts of the UNO and especially The WHO have been bought by China….

(26. Oct. 2020)