Horror in Doha Katar

We can only warn women from using Qatar Airline or passing through Doha by airplane.

What happened?

Obviously a new born baby was found somewhere in that airport.

And because in Qatar – a strictly muslim state – any woman who has a child born out of wedlock is severely punished, any woman who is in such a situation is probably frightened to (literally) death and tries to hide her pregnancy and the birth of a baby. So maybe this unknown frightened woman gave birth to her child in one of the airport’s toilets (where the child was found) to remain anonymous.

However, the consequences to totally uninvolved women on all flights out of Doha on that day (2 October) were dire: Departures of planes were stopped, female passengers were forced off the planes and were forced to have a gynecological examination then and there on the spot in an ambulance car in the airport by personnel from Qatar.

An absolute horror for all the women!! It is RAPE COMMITTED BY OFFICIALS FROM QATAR. And apart from that: All kinds of infectious deceases can easily have been transmitted under these dirty circumstances. To be forced to a gynecological examination against your will!!! That’s more than medieval cruelty! It’s just abominable!

The women had no clue what was going on, they had to leave their families, even small children on the plane and were forcefully submitted to these outrageous examinations. IT’S A CRIME AGAINST ALL HUMAN RIGHTS!! The UNO should have a look into this incident and warn Qatar because of their criminal methods.

Another proof to everyone in the wide world that this kind of „religion“ is no religion at all. It’s cruel and mean tyranny. It is not only so called „islamists“ who are insane and cruel, it’s the whole basis. Especially towards women.

That’s why women should beware of flying with airlines of countries that do not accept human rights that violate them in such mean and demeaning, humiliating ways. We shudder when we think of the treatment women from Australia and Europe had to endure whilst helplessly in the hands of such a cruel ideology.

Maybe the western self-announced left-wing feminists who are no feminists at all in our eyes because they support such inhumane behavior against women by their „friends“ the …., could finally also reconsider their attitudes. Like the left-wing Kevin of the German SPD who seems to have finally has reconsidered his attitude towards plain murder by a certain ideology a tiny little bit. Somehow now he has now reached the conclusion (that has been obvious to millions of people a very long time) that atrocious murders committed by people of that background are not THAT cool.

Maybe those left-wing females could finally also „call a spade a spade“ and a crime against humanity a crime against humanity and thus gain back their own humanity which they have completely lost in their struggle for too much „understanding“ of a certain inhumane and dangerous ideology and „tolerance“ against the intolerant.

What happened to the female passengers at the airport of Qatar was more than horrible. However, it is NOT THE ONLY GRAVE VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS HAPPENING IN THAT STRICTLY MUSLIM COUNTRY.

Every day thousands of domestic and other workers from different countries working in Qatar are ABUSED AND HARRASSED BY THEIR LOCAL EMPLOYERS. Qatar is notorious for this as Amnesty International reports in their latest statement. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/10/qatar-domestic-worker-abuse-and-exploitation-report/

„The overall picture is of a system which continues to allow employers to treat domestic workers not as human beings but as possessions“, says Steve Cockburn, Head of Economic and Social Justice.

Especially women are sexually abused by their employers and their families and friends. The abuse ranges from harassment to fondling and rape. Most women fear retaliation by their employers,“ says Amnesty International and that’s why they feel they cannot complain to the police.

Let’s assume that one of those women was raped by her Qatarian employer and became pregnant. She cannot sue the man but she cannot have the child either because Qatar punishes women who have children „out of wedlock“ in horrible ways: „The sentence meted out is usually imprisonment of up to one year but Muslim offenders may also be sentenced to flogging and if they are married to another person, death by stoning.“ Anachronistic pre-stone-age behavior of those states that have such „laws“ – actually they cannot be called „laws“ because they are criminal acts acted on by stupid males and called „laws“.

Who wants to be stoned to death after having been raped by cruel Qatarian rapists? Such a woman might be so desperate that she gives birth to an „illegitimate child“ (which in itself is already a horrible expression and attitude towards children by the Muslim world) in an airport toilet.

And when the baby is found, Qatar adds insult to injury and harasses women who are accidentally sitting on an airplane to Australia in Doha. Grotesque! Inexcusable! It just shows us again the frame of mind of those males: TOTALLY MAD!! TOTALLY INHUMANE!! TOTALLY CRIMINAL!!

Such behavior should not be tolerated ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

It does not really help and it does not change the picture the world gets from this cruel, stupid and bigoted male society that QATAR now that the world knows about those insults towards women at its airport, says :“Oh sorry.“ Instead of saying „sorry“ without meaning it, they should rather change their stupid anachronistic society.

26. Oct. 2020)