Mr BIG MOUTH Dictator and the abuse of faith

Mr BIG MOUTH DICTATOR from the Bosporus lectures Monsieur Macron on religious tolerance.

This in itself is ridiculous because Mr WANNA BE ULTIMATE RULER of a WANNA BE NEW OSMAN EMPIRE has no idea whatsoever what the word “tolerance” really means.

The opposite. He belongs to those ruthless, intolerant and cruel dictators who incarcerate people in their own countries without any reason. Countless journalists, people of the opposition, teachers and other intellectuals are imprisoned without any legal proceedings just because MR Dictator Erdogan is enjoying this.

On the 24 October he rages on TV: “Tout ce qu’on peut dire d’un chef d’Etat qui traite des millions de membres de communautés religieuses différentes de cette manière, c’est : ‘Allez d’abord faire des examens de santé mentale’“.
In this malicious and outrageous way (which is totally UNBECOMING of a REALLY GOOD POLITICIAN) he is raving at Monsieur Macron.

And WHY is Erdogan throwing such an embarrassing and shocking fit in front of the whole world? To prove what?

To prove that his understanding of “religious tolerance” is the following:
Every muslim who feels like it can murder every non-muslim if he pleases, because, of course, every muslim – in the eyes of Mr Dictator E – has the right to do so. And every non-muslim has to accept this. This is Mr E’s sick idea of “religious tolerance”.
In other words: He is a supporter of shocking, cruel, unbelievable murder in the name of islam.

This man, Erdogan, is REALLY SICK! He really belongs into the loony bin and should never be left out.

The French president reacts in a cool way: “L’outrance et la grossièreté ne sont pas une méthode. (…) Nous exigeons d’Erdogan qu’il change le cours de sa politique car elle est dangereuse à tous points de vue. Nous n’entrons pas dans des polémiques inutiles et n’acceptons pas les insultes.”

We totally agree with Monsieur Macron. The bigmouth’s behaviour is totally dégoûtant. The French called their ambassador back from Turkey.

It is really not worth to have any connections with a dictator who suppresses his own people, who constantly furthers and incites war in the neighbouring countries, who forcefully puts migrants on buses to Europe to blackmail the European states, especially Greece, who sends his aggressive navy into waters belonging to Cyprus and Greece, who is constantly on the look-out for any malevolence he can commit.

Such a nasty piece of ….. should be completely ignored.

He is exploiting the faith of millions of people for his own egoistic and base motives to create hatred and suspicion among people of different backgrounds. He wants them to support murderers and terrorists, which is an outrage in itself. By abusing faith for his own primitive ends he gives this faith a very bad name connecting it forever with the atrocities of its worst abuses and abusers. To abuse a faith to commit murder and to use it for acts of terrorism is as mean and malicious as can be.

So, Mr WANNA BE ULTIMATE RULER of a WANNA BE NEW OSMAN EMPIRE, Mr Bigmouth and BAD RULER just keep your big mouth shut, stop your extremely silly and impudent behavior and apologize to the French!

And by the way: Macron’s calm though tough answer is admirable. If one imagines that this had happened in Germany, Merkel’s answer would 100% certain been a complete and silly submission under the Greatmufti-WANNABE’s impudence – a rueful blablabla mumble. Not to mention little Maas‘ most likely answer: he would probably have wet his trousers.

Speak up! European Politicians! And do not submit yourselves to the worst characters in the world.

(26. Oct. 2020)