The New Pact on Migration and Asylum aims to create a comprehensive, sustainable and crisis-proof framework for managing asylum and migration in the EU. It will cover the whole migration route – from origin and transit countries to the receiving countries in the EU.

While the Pact will build on the Commission proposals made in 2015 and 2018, it will fill loopholes to modernise the Common European Asylum System so that EU countries can implement and deliver effective asylum and migration policies.

Everybody in Europe is asked to offer their opinion – in a decent way, of course. However, considering that the EU has about 360 million people, only a meagre 491 have answered so far (25. August 2020, 18:20).

Do the other people not know that this possibility of giving their feedback exists? Has the EU really communicated throughout Europe that people can take part in it?

It seems to us that the EU administration and the governments of the EU countries somehow do not want people to offer and express their opinions. How else can the clandestine way in which this affair is handled be explained.


What you should not do is just to sit there and accept your fate without trying to change the opinions and actions of European politicians. Those politicians have to answer TO YOU, THE PEOPLES OF EUROPE! It is your life, the future of your children and grandchildren their are selling out, giving away, even ruining. Do not allow this!

Write your opinion, make suggestions, do not think you cannot do it.

Every normal person is at least as clever as politicians who very often are not really well educated, neither in a trade, a profession or in any mechanical or industrial art. They very often are just that: nobodies who do what they are trying to do – make politics – because they have no better option, because they are failures.

We believe that the EU as such MUST definitely find a solution to the problem of migration that not only every EU country but first of all THEIR SOUVEREIGNS = CITIZENS of the EU can live with.

If Brussel bureaucrats / politicians try to find a solution without the explicit acceptance (by a democratic vote) of the peoples of the EU, this can NEVER BE ACCEPTED. THE PEOPLES OF EUROPE HAVE TO BE ASKED AND THEIR OPINIONS HAVE TO BE HEEDED.

The outer borders of the EU MUST be guarded properly. Greece, Italy and Spain MUST NOT BE LEFT ALONE. They must be helped by all the other members regarding the close surveillance of their borders. The Dublin III Regulation (No. 604/2013) was approved in June 2013 and came into force on 19 July 2013. It is based on the principle that the first EU Member State where finger prints are stored or an asylum claim is lodged is responsible for a person’s asylum claim. This is PURE NONSENSE. Because if it were really applied there would only be asylum claimants in those three states that can be easily reached via the Mediterranean.

Such as it is, it is constantly broken. A lawless state!

Trafficking of people (smugglers/ boats) must never be encouraged or allowed or supported. Whoever arrives in an illegal way on any territory of the EU should automatically be refused and immediately returned home. Obviously it seems to be very difficult to turn those people back home. This only proves HOW INABLE AND UTTERLY STUPID EUROPEAN POLITICIANS ARE. They should have found a solution to this problem ages ago. However, they haven’t. They haven’t even tried seriously.

Whoever wants to immigrate into the EU should have a good and accepted reason for applying for immigration.

First of all: NO PASSPORT means NO ENTRY. Whoever throws away their passport and tries to get admittance without being able to prove his/ her identity must be refused entrance and returned home or to the nearest place he/ she came from.

People should get permits to enter the EU already in their home country. Embassies of EU countries or their representatives should hand out such permits to people who have a right and a good reason (and only to them) to travel to the EU. People who have already got a job in the EU and who can maintain themselves might come if all the other conditions are right (NO terrorists, NO criminals, NO religious fanatics, e.g.).

Secondly: If people want to come just for economic reasons, to improve their lifestyle e.g. without having a job offer in the EU have to be turned back. They should only be admitted if they have already the guarantee of a job in the EU PRIOR to their entry (see above: embassies).

Thirdly: People who are real refugees (i.e. persecuted because of their believes, political opinions or other grave reasons) can be admitted for as long as the persecution in their home country lasts. If conditions at home have improved, they have to return back home.

However, only if they can fully prove their identity. In other words if it is clear who they are, where they are from and why they come. This has to be proved before or on entry.

No person whose identity is unclear is to be permitted into Europe. Every honest person can tell the truth: where he/ she is from, who exactly they are and why they would like to apply.

People who cannot enter have to be returned to their home countries at once, right on the border to Europe. People without proof of identity, people who are criminals, or who are religious fanatics should never be allowed in.

The EU should also not meddle in any affairs that are the affairs of foreign sovereign countries.

The EU might help with negotiations and improvements of people’s lives in their home countries if asked by the latter ones. However, only in a controlled way and only if those countries are in agreement with the suggested reforms.

Money must never be given without control. There must be strict controls whether the money is really used in the way it is meant for. No support of corruption! No money for corrupt governments! No agreements like the one with the corrupt Erdogan government, which he only uses to blackmail Europe.

One can see that there is a multitude of problems. To solve those problems, the best people of Europe are needed. And who are the representatives of the European peoples in Brussels? Third class politicians mostly. People who are ready to sell their home country, to disregard their own sovereigns, people who are immature and irresponsible.

So: Tell them your opinion. What you want, what you demand, what should be done and changed. Challenge those stupid politicians of Brussels.

(25. August 2020)