Our whole life has been brought to a halt, turned down to kind of zero movement.

It’s nice and new – though only at first glance and only for, let’s say, a day or two. Then one HAS ENOUGH OF IT. We are already FED UP WITH IT after only a couple of days.

Well, there certainly ARE some positive aspects of this shutting down of all activity worldwide. In Venice, we have read, the water has become much cleaner, the dirt has not disappeared, though, no, it is just lying on the bottom of the sea; no ships, especially none of those super monsters the cruise industry lets normally lose on Venice – no movement, no stirring up of dirt. Even animals, swans, dolphins, fish have returned to the laguna. How nice.

This should REALLY be continued – even when that mysterious day X in a future nobody is certain about yet will be appearing on the horizon. Which means after will have gone back to our normal lives.

Another positive aspect is that obviously the air has also become so much cleaner. No or fewer industries working means less dirt and dust and CO2 in the air.

Okay, now about the not-so-nice-to-horrible-aspects of this stupid corona virus.

First of all the impact on our health: You can become ill with „only“ mild syndromes – some fever, some headache, some stomach problems, some cough, a sore throat – IF YOU ARE LUCKY! The unlucky ones have all of the symptoms mentioned above plus SEVERE LUNG CONDITIONS. They are unable to breathe, their lungs collapse, their organs collapse, they need to be given oxygen and they might die or be invalids for the rest of their lives.

And all of this because ……? (see some paragraphs below)

How do the different countries cope with this health hazard? From shutting down borders, all events, all entertainment, schools, universities, shops, restaurants to completely deserted streets and cities and more…

Our economies are going to collapse, family ties collapse, our whole way of life collapses. Grandparents cannot look after their grandchildren any more. Some of the younger generation are breaking down under the load of having to work and having to look after their children at the same time. They have to act as teachers, workers, entertainers, shoppers (with shops practically emptied by people who are stockpiling goods they have to throw away in a few days or weeks because they cannot eat all the food they have piled into their trolleys in a shopping frenzy for more and ever more) a.s.o.

Others have to work at home – home office – under whatever kind of circumstances. There might be a lot of quarreling in a family going on when people have to live and work at very close quarters for longer periods of time.

The biggest strain is certainly put on families with young children. Not only schools are closed but every single playground, swimming pool, club as well as lots of parks and other places where children could get rid of their overflowing energy. So they can only do one thing: get onto their overstressed parents‘ nerves and/ or sit in front of computers/ TVs for far too long. How much damage this will do to children and their families, we do not want to imagine…

Could there be better ways to deal with this pandemic? Probably yes.

The first and most important thing would have been to test, test, test each and everybody. On every border to every country, just everywhere inside the countries a.s.o.

The borders of each country should have been closed at once and everyone who wants to cross the border should have been tested. Thus the sick people could be put under quarantine at once and no precious time would have been lost.

If everyone were tested, the older generations would know who to avoid and when it is save again to meet one’s family and look after the grandchildren again.

Everybody who has already recovered from a mild form of this illness and could safely go back to work and childcare a.s.o. would know about this fact.

According to the test results, children could still go to school, be looked after by grandparents or teachers or neighbors. The bread- winning generation could go to work without having to be afraid of sick colleagues and without having to worry about caring for their children and working at the same time.

As it is, far too much time has already been spent doing not enough. The good examples of Taiwan and Singapore show what could have achieved instead.

And whether we want to ask this question or not, we still do have to ask it: WHO brought all this about? Whodunit, in one word? And ALAS, we have to look to China – again. They have already introduced SARS into the world apart from some other ugly illnesses and now they have brought THIS upon us.

Of course, one could argue that such a virus could mutate at any time and cross the barrier of human health and bodies. This is true and it has been true since mankind started to settle down and breed animals. However, it has never happened at such a scale as during the last few years. Since the beginning of the 21 century there have been several nasty epidemics, some of them contained to only a few countries like Ebola, some of them spreading more or less over the whole world, like Covid-19. Most – though not all – of them generated in China.

That it happened in China again is not really so unusual. Even the Chinese government has agreed that people should not mix farm animals bred for feeding people with wild animals. The government has now, now that it is far too late, decreed that all such farms have to close. At least for a few weeks. However, emboldened by the irresponsible WHO they have already re-opened those disastrous wet-markets. Welcome to a next virus!

This is an outrage. People in China are so controlled by their dictator-state, the state knows everything about everybody, controls all the movements of its citizens and punishments for misdeeds are quite harsh. However, they can still breed and sell wild animals under horrible conditions, dangerous to humans. Why does the Chinese government not finally put a stop to all this? And – even worse – why does The WHO under Gebreyesus not put a stop to this?

We can only say it over and over again: wild animals should stay where they belong: in the wilderness.

And ALL animals should be treated in a decent way according to their needs and rights and health requirements. The way animals are kept in China (from chicken to sheep, goats, cows and wild animals) is a catastrophe. And that they are kept in horrible cages under horrible conditions, one cage on top of the other, one animal urinating on the one in the cage below, is cruel, abominable, abhorrent and should never ever be allowed.

Wild animals have been bred on farms since the time of Mao and his Communists who were unable to provide enough food for the Chinese population with their stupid communist system. Mao and his functionaries killed 40 Million and more people in China. To contain starvation they encouraged people to keep and eat every species.

Of course, nowadays the peoples (whether they are Chines or Vietnamese or whatever) should also know better and stop cruelty and abomination towards animals. Nowadays they are all well-educated and have enough food to eat. They should know and realize how dangerous it is for everyone in the world if you break down the barrier between wild animals and animals bred for meat. However, sadly lots of Chinese and Vietnamese are still conditioned into believing that there is no harm in breeding and eating wild animals and keeping them together with farm animals. Or to use parts of wild animals (skin, claws, horn) to enhance one’s virility.

The Chinese people of today should have changed their nasty attitudes regarding the treatment of animals a long time ago. However, they haven’t and they don’t seem to change it in the future. They still go to Africa to have even the last rhino murdered because the horn allegedly boosts their virility. They eat the rare and endangered pangolins for the same reason. They keep and eat bats and we don’t know how many other wild animals.

According to Wikipedia even brains of monkeys/ apes were eaten. We quote from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey_brains :„Actual monkey brains were historically part of the Manchu Han Imperial banquet of the Qing Empire held during the 17th century,[4] where they may have been eaten directly from the skull.[5] Official Chinese policy on the procurement of certain wildlife species in the 21st century makes the serving of monkey brains illegal, with sentences of up to 10 years in prison for violators.[6]“

It is DISGUSTING! And it is no wonder that under such circumstances new diseases jump from animals to humans. The world should really ask for compensation for such irresponsible behavior. Mr Trump could and should do this. It is irresponsible of China to continue in this way and to endanger all humankind.

Why? Because the new corona virus is a result of this disgusting treatment of live-animals – which is anyway against all kinds of animals‘ rights, against the laws against cruelty against animals, which can be punished with imprisonment. The animal/ fish market of Wuhan (and of other places as well) is one complete catastrophe. And there the virus came into existence. From bats to pangolins to human beings is the theory. Because all these animals are kept under conditions that cannot be described not to mention be accepted by any decent human being.

And the Chinese government has done NOTHING against this abominable behavior against animals, against this horrible cruelty. Now the whole world has to pay the price for this.

Some people state that it was not at that market that the virus came into existence but in a laboratory in Wuhan and somebody who got it transmitted it onto people at that market.

Whether it is one way or the other: It came into existence in Wuhan, China. Animals are treated in horrible ways in the whole of China. People as well. The Communist Party forbade that poor and brave doctor, who has died of the new disease in the meantime, to make it public that such a new virus was created in China. They wanted to hide this fact from the world.

And their neighbors (Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore) who know what Communist China is able to unleash started with actions and provisions against this new disease at once.

Conclusion: It may not be nice or polite or „politically correct“ to put the blame on China, however it is a fact that again – after Sars in 2012- China has imposed a new disease on the whole world, this time a real and true CATASTROPHE.

They should definitely draw the right conclusions now – better late than never – and change their habits and customs that lead to such disasters.

(18. March/ 17. April 2020)