Greta is on the Warpath again

And it is high time! Otherwise the western world might forget her. And this is the worst case scenario for a person who is so very much convinced of her own importance and impact on this world. And the ungrateful world is already on the way to forgetting her.

There are so many other worries and sorrows the world as such has at the moment: this alarming corona- virus that has already affected so many countries, the brutal and – as it seems – never-ending war in Syria with a new migration crisis pending on Europe’s doorsteps. They all occupy the fantasies of the media and have put Greta on the back burner. The first newspaper articles have already appeared mentioning that Greta is not that prominent any more.

Thus it is very easy to forget that girl from Sweden who insists on the world being doomed because „the world is on fire“ as she cries. And maybe we are doing her a favor when we discuss her whereabouts and doings here once again.

During the last few weeks that pretty and friendly Australian couple, Riley and Elayna – + 11 months old baby Lennie -, have published some videos about „Greta on board“. They had agreed to take Greta back to Europe at the end of November/ beginning of December 2019.

Now, as we have already written in another article (Greta the Great is on her way back to Europe) it is not really easy to cross the northern Atlantic Ocean in late autumn/ winter. On a sailing yacht. Quite the opposite. If there is no absolute necessity to do this, no sane person would try to. Because it is in fact horrendously dangerous. Even the sailors and captains of old knew this and timed their crossings accordingly. Not so Greta. She wanted to go back to the Madrid conference at once, because she found herself suddenly on the wrong continent. And when she wants to go somewhere it is presto, presto and no delaying because of any hindrances like wrong weather conditions e.g.

And greed for fame can make people insane. And the wish to become more famous, more talked about in the social media, to get more applause and money from a growing community of fans can seduce people to do all kinds of extremely foolish things.

Like risking your baby’s life for fame.

As shown in their latest videos, the „Vagabonde’s“ owners started their voyage across the Atlantic in icy cold weather, soon followed by heavy storms that made baby Lennie and his mom seasick, and Greta as well. They were also shivering on board of their yacht. Greta, of course, didn’t allow turning on any heating fueled by horrid diesel fumes. So everybody was extremely cold, baby included.

Then they had to sail as far and fast as possible for many days to dodge „60 knot winds and 7m waves“ that could otherwise have hit them with devastating effects. Then they had to face a „crazy few days of electrical storms, massive downpours“ followed by „serious boat repairs“ in the middle of the ocean, because the storm had damaged their ship.

Luckily they had managed to get a real professional sailor to help them sail the boat across the unfriendly ocean – otherwise they couldn’t have made it to Europe. Other heavy storms hit the boat. Riley says: „I made the decision not to tell anyone other than Nikki who absolutely needed to know what situation we were in.“ Neither his wife Elayna was told, nor Greta or her father. So Riley and Nikki worked like mad in that storm that was blowing with 46 knots to save the boat and their lives.

After that storm Elayna’s video becomes very romantic indeed: First Elayna admits that the storm was „pretty scary“. Then romantic music sets in, a rainbow appears on the horizon (God made their peace with them after all), and Elayna continues: „We are doing this because we believe in Greta and the climate change movement. It’s all worth it. Greta represents hope… And then there is Lennie [ Lennie waving into the camera]. We want a future for him.“ Music is getting louder and even more romantic, waves are calming down, the rainbow appears again… their world is back to normal, baby Lennie is happily suckling on his bottle.

How parents can „want a future“ for their baby and at the same time risk that baby’s and their own lives in an irresponsible adventure, AND call this „it’s all worth it“, will remain a mystery, though.

The next morning the wind died down – completely. So completely that they had to turn on the engine „for the first time on this trip“ and to „motor for a bit“, which according to Elayna was „very sad“. Of course, it is very sad if you have someone on board – Greta- for whom a motor and a diesel motor at that is like a piece of hell, and you have to use this hellish thing to keep you going. So that Greta can reach her goal, Madrid, in time. Greta wants to reach Madrid, diesel or no diesel….But Elayna also states that at the same time they were able to heat up some water and wash themselves and their clothes thanks to the hellish diesel. Which was also quite nice because Greta complained about her Dady’s body odor in their cabin – unwashed clothes covering unwashed bodies – but NO Diesel engine to provide warm water, please!

Greta was sitting in the sun then and even smiling a bit, together with her freshly washed T-shirt: „Follow the scientists“. Her dearest illusion. She has been smiling quite a bit, lately. Maybe somebody in her team has told her that a smiling face is much nicer to look at than her usual disdainful scowl.

Though her admirers admire and adore her anyway, with scowl or without it.

After that spell of quiet weather it became stormy again only some days before they finally reached Lisbon. Elayna commented this in her video with: „It’s been a really tough trip“, „we’re really, really, looking forward to arriving.“ A huge wave hit them one night, they were thrown across the room and everything got completely wet inside the boat. Luckily the baby was not hurt and nobody else as well. Riley’s commentary: „You just don’t see the waves when it is dark.“ And: „There is always the danger that something can be damaged seriously.“ They were lucky, however.

On their last day on the ocean Riley was able to „relax“ for the first time „in 19 days“ of sailing. And he was finally able to tell his wife about the dangers they had been through; what he had kept from her and the others during the trip. And Elayna complained -„I am closing my eyes“ – about the dirt and damp and disgusting heaps of unwashed clothes and the mould everywhere in the ship. And – by the way – where did they keep the heaps and heaps of baby’s pampers?? With so many days on the ocean there must have been more than a hundred of soiled pampers somewhere.

Now let’s have a closer look at Greta’s alleged „Zero CO2 emission trip“ to the USA and back again. It is a very nice fairy tale for the admirers. To boost up their admiration.

In reality, there have been far more CO2 emissions in this trip than if she had used an aeroplane for herself and her dad right from the beginning. The Malizia boat they used at first is a high tech yacht, full of carbon, CO2. Her first crew flew in and then out and another crew flew in to take the boat back to Europe. Her photographer, who accompanied her on the Malizia, and her „team“ – whoever it exists of – flew back to Europe and sailor Nikki Henderson also flew to the USA to join them for their crossing of the Atlantic to Madrid on the Vagabonde. And after their arrival in Portugal, she had to fly back home again, of course. A lot of emission for little Greta.

She herself explains that it is not her fault if people fly to this place and that. However, she obviously loves to forget that it is because of her that they had to book all those flights; to do her bidding and transport her here and there and share her fame.

One really wonders what kind of world Greta wants to live in. A world that is completely impossible.

Ein Schiff wird kommen...

And one really wonders about that young couple. Elayna is saying in the video that she is looking forward to telling her little baby son, when he is older, about how important it was to transport Greta across the Atlantic in the middle of storms and lightning, high waves and absolute danger to all of them. Was it, though?? As Riley said, one wrong move, and that would have been it. How can people expose their baby to such dangers? Just to transport a silly girl from one end of the ocean to the other? A girl who could easily have stayed at home and conveyed her extreme opinions to the world via the internet if she has to force her ideas onto the world at all.

Now she is on the go again. This time she visits Great Britain where she reads a speech from her mobile phone. The young people who join her are ecstatic: such a clever girl, and only 17, and such wonderful speeches! Greta reads the speech from her phone, says the next sentence about the bad, bad adults who just do not want to listen to her, looks at her cell phone again. – Who writes her speeches? Does she do it herself? Or one of „her team“? The mysterious „team Greta“ who also accompanied her home from Madrid.

„Our leaders behave like children so it falls to us to be the adults in the room. They are failing us but we will not back down,“ Greta told everyone in Bristol.
„It should not be this way but we have to tell the uncomfortable truth. They sweep their mess under the rug and ask children to clean up for them.“ Here she gets it really wrong. Nobody has asked any child to „clean up for them“.
„This emergency is being completely ignored by the politicians, the media and those in power. Basically, nothing is being done to halt this crisis despite all the beautiful words and promises from our elected officials. So what did you do during this crucial time? …I will not be silenced when the world is on fire.“

Is it fair to criticize this young woman? She has – as the world was told by her parents – a syndrome, a certain mild form of autism. But, well, yes. She herself criticizes the whole world, especially all the bad, bad adults who do not want to change the world at a moment’s notice. Snap your fingers and all industries stop production, all planes stop flying, all breeding of animals is stopped and forbidden, all heatings are turned off and the whole world turns back to the last ice-age. She behaves as if she were a new goddess whose voice must not only be heard but be obeyed to immediately – by the whole world. So, yes, a person who is so dominating, demanding, unrelenting in her insistence, in her holy righteousness can and must be criticized, syndrome or no syndrome. If she and her parents didn’t want this, she should stay at home and preach her sermons via the internet or better, not at all.

In fact this girl should really go back home to Sweden anyway, go to school again, study something sensible and turn her energy into something useful, like new inventions to solve problems. Instead she travels round Europe getting on everybody’s nerves and makes silly speeches encouraging youngsters and even some adults to adulate and copy her and behave in the same childish ways. She has been invited to sessions of the EU Parliament by Ms Leyen. What should this be good for?! There she only repeated her by now well-known sentence: „Listen to the scientists.“ That’s the whole solution she has to offer, of course, because she is far too young and not knowledgeable enough to have any real solutions at the ready. That’s another reason why she should really acquire enough knowledge.

Greta also visited Malala, the young woman who was shot in the head by Taliban because SHE, Malala, wanted to GO to school. Now here is a woman who knows that only a good education can help you to fight the world’s problems. Though Greta states that Malala is her „role model“ and „good friend“, we think she is rather not. Greta is exactly the opposite of Malala. Malala has achieved something and wants to use her life to really change things. She knows how important a good education is. That’s why she studies at Oxford whereas little Greta obviously despises education and travels round Europe to state the same little sentence again and again..

Greta and her followers utter and follow only this slogan „Listen to the scientists“ (which scientists?? exactly) and despise school as „anyway useless“. She pretends to care about the environment and entices people to fly around the world to do her bidding. If she were really interested in saving CO2 or avoiding it, she wouldn’t have gone on her crazy trip to America and back. She would learn her speeches by heart or read them from a paper and not use a mobile phone instead , which needs a lot of unnecessary energy.

Greta may have inspired young people to think more about their environment. However, there has not been much change. Not even with or by those kids who hop and jump and screech in the streets. After all their demonstrations it is back to business as usual. Back to computers and cars and TV and mobile phones and new clothes and holidays abroad, all those things that are not quite unnecessary but should be used with circumspection. Neither flying has declined nor consumption in general nor the use of high tech stuff.

Climate change is probably a fact. Climate has always changed as long as the earth has existed and it will always change. It might well be that it is changing at a faster pace than at other times at the moment. However, the earth has known such fast changes before: From ca 1570 to about 1700 there was a „small ice-age“; the changes happened fast and immediate in only a few years, there was a much bigger change in temperatures – a drop was several degrees – and in a shorter time than we see nowadays. And this had horrendous impacts on the lives of lots of peoples. Everywhere in Europe rivers and lakes were deep-frozen, the summers were very short, cold and rainy, the winters long and icy-cold. The harvests were bad, lots of people were malnourished and starved to death. They had to cope with this dreadful situation and adapt their lives accordingly.

And this is what we will have to do. Look at the positive aspects of the warming of the earth and enjoy them – there are some very positive aspects, though Greta will hate such an opinion – and try to get to terms with the negative ones.

However, what we could and should do anyway, is to be more considerate with our environment as such, with what we eat and use and buy and damage. We should consider the animals as beings who have rights, the right to live in their natural environment, and give them the space and respect they need and should have.

And above all, we should stop overpopulation, overcrowding the world with human beings, with horrible mega-cities, which automatically leads to more CO2, more other damaging gases, more heat, more pollution, more extinction of animals, more burning of forests a.s.o.

There should be a reduction of people world wide – NOT by killing people, of course, though maybe new pandemics will do this, but by drastically reducing the number of children each couple produces.

And the Gretas of this world should go to school again, consider it a worthwhile occupation and use their education in wise ways later in life.

(28. Febr. – 6 March 2020)