„All is not well. I doubt some foul play.“

Says Hamlet, son and heir to the Throne of Denmark.

And one of his officers agrees: „Something is rotten in the state of“… Deutschland.

Which leads us to the question: What? What exactly is rotten in Germany? What is not well? Where can we find „foul play“?

Let’s have a look at New Year’s Eve, the last night of every year. On the brink of January, the god and month that looks both ways: back into the past and forward into the future. What have we achieved in the past? What will the future bring?

That time has become notorious for bad deeds in Germany, for crimes that cannot be denied any more, for the rotten stuff hidden away in a society that had become too placid and self-indulgent with itself, lulled into sleep by „Mutti“.

A Mutti, alas, who does not make the common good, the welfare of the people her first priority. Instead she leads a strange and very questionable love- affair with her own dearly cherished power.

So the awaking from those sweet dreams was tough, a hard landing for the German people. A waking up to the world’s unpleasant reality. The teddybears, so dear to the sleeping children, and Mutti’s lullabies were suddenly thrown aside while the children were rubbing their eyes and looking at an astonishing reality:

The reality of New Year’s Eve of 2015. The foul play used by Mutti and her well-paid media entourage that had tried to put the children back to sleep. Sleep, baby sleep, sleep sweet and deep.

The reality hit the children unawares. They had not been expecting this. Lots of those poor, poor, poor refugees mum had told them about in her bedside stories, were not friendly and nice guys after all. They were lots of things, however none of them really pleasant.

So that night acted as a kind of watershed, a before and after, of trust and distrust, of truthfulness and dishonesty. And there has been no going back since then to the times of honesty and truthfulness, the times before the watershed.

Since that awful Silvester of 2015 the children have realized the rotten smell, the foul play, the deceit, and that mum had taken away from them all those things they had loved and appreciated. Especially the girls realized it. Freedom was gone, more or less. Instead of it now you are given vouchers for a taxi in some cities (Munich e.g.) to take you home at night, though it does only pay part of the costs. You can’t go to the disco with friends any more without fearing your way home. You can’t go to public places any more without fearing guys with knives and machetes or cars suddenly racing round corners and into the crowd.

However, mum gets really angry when the children complain about all the freedom and quality of life they have lost. When they complain about being trapped and even raped, of being unable to move in their usual ways. „Only bad children complain!! Those who are ungrateful.“ They are the ones who fall prey to bad people, says Mutti, to right-wing extremists (as mum and her entourage like to call them) who whisper bad things in their ears. Good children pray and nod their heads in obedience and approval: „Yes, dear Mutti. Thank you dear Mutti. You know best, dear Mutti.“ „If you are ungrateful and doubt my ways, you are not my children any more,“ emphasizes Mutti.

However, as the complaints have not stopped but have been growing louder and louder, dear Mutti meets her dearest councillors, all dressed up in red and green clothes to discuss the troublesome children. „What can be done to put them back to sleep??“ You know, nothing is as sweet and quiet and peaceful as a sleeping darling boy or girl. „Such little angels, like me“, sighs Mutti Angela.

„Oh, you know“, says one of the councillors, „that’s easy. Give them something else to worry about. Something new and urgent maybe, a nice theory so that they can forget their stupid worries. Let’s talk to the media and give them some hints.“

After some debate they decide on the topic ‚climate‘. That’s urgent enough and worrying enough and keeps the children’s minds focused on something new, on their future. And it is a child that can influence them, as well, which is always a good thing. Children are so innocent and honest. Everyone believes them.

It doesn’t worry mum and her councillors that this topic produces another rift in a society that is already full of schisms and rifts. A rift between some more critical people, called the older ones. Though in reality they are the ones that do not believe in Mutti that much any more because they have already seen through too many of her tricks. And the so-called younger ones (though they are not all young), the ones who are such sleep-walkers that they believe anything Mutti and the fairy-tale media tell them.

It works! Really it works,“ crows Mutti amazed. The sleep-walkers have finally woken up and jump and shout in the streets not going on about the bad aspects of life after the watershed any more.

However lots of the so-called older ones, in reality the more thoughtful ones, cannot be made to stop complaining. „Doesn’t matter“ say the councillors. „Those old ones won’t live that long any more any way. And apart from this, we’ll call them the conservative ones, no, even better, the far-right ones, or the Nazi ones, those we don’t want to accept in our society.“

As a cover-up, the highest representative of the country laments at least once a month the „Spaltung“, schism or rift „in our society“, a schism he busily helps to widen by siding with the left and only with the left, though his office demands neutrality.

Those left-wing gangs are allowed to spread hatred, defamation and slander on the internet; they are allowed to attack police-officers, fire-brigades, even doctors and drivers of ambulance cars and anybody whose opinion is different from theirs like politicians or professors and lots of others. Left-wing journalists are allowed to dominate the media, they are allowed to define what is good and what is bad, what is moral and what is immoral. And left-wing Fascists are allowed to destroy cars and buildings by setting fire to them and to attack people in brutal ways if they disagree with their actions or opinions.

The newcomers, the people who have been arriving in droves since the watershed, are pleased with those left-wing attitudes, which allow them to rule the streets together with their good new friends. They are allowed to molest Jews now, women, older people, people who try to tell them how one normally behaves in this country… They are allowed to abuse women and girls by forcing them to wear veils and marry as children, by forcing them to obey their husband and be beaten by those husbands if they try to ask for the same rights men demand for themselves.

They always gain the upper hand because Mutti, their new Mutti, wants it that way. If anyone of the „conservatives“ protests against this bias, it is very easy to put such a rebellion down. Because the last resort, though it is used on a practically daily basis, is the argument: „You are a Nazi.“ This is used in such an inflationary way that it has already lost all its originally severe meaning.

„Nazi“ is now everyone in this country who does not do the bidding or rather the commands of Mutti and her red-green left-wingers. Everyone is called „Nazi“ who does not vote green, for instance. Everyone who does not jump in the streets with the kids against CO2. Everyone who doubts the truthfulness of certain media that lie on a daily basis. Everyone who uses his or her common sense. Everyone, of course, who criticizes Mutti and her strange decisions. Everyone who calls a murderer a murderer and wants to know where he comes from. Everyone who is afraid of being raped or killed or robbed. Crime doesn’t exist any more in Denmark, at least not crime committed by young males from muslim countries.

Once, we visited the Soviet Union; it was still the time under Communist rule. Our tour-guide assured us that crime did not exist in the USSR AT ALL. „No crime at all?“ some of our group wondered. „Nope, nothing, everyone pure and honest as freshly fallen snow.“ „And what about traffic fines? Parking tickets? Small things like this?“ „Nope, nothing. Everyone has been turned into an angel by this wonderfully just and great communist regime.“ „Wow!“

Mutti is probably assuming that everyone in HER society will believe in the same kind of fairy tale regarding HER personal GUESTS. All of them ANGELS from heaven, or as another green-colored lady put it: „People bestowed on us we have to be grateful for“. And, of course, it goes without saying, IF YOU ARE NOT GRATEFUL YOU ARE A ????? Nazi, of course, dummy.

And then the younger ones are taught to sing songs in public against the old ones, a song for Christmas and a song for New Year’s Eve: „Grandma, you filthy old swine…We will not let you get away with this“.

What if the generation of grandparents complain? „Oh, well never mind. We will tell them that it was only a joke, some fun, some good old fun to say good buy to the old year.“ And if they do not stop complaining? „Well, then we will call them Nazi-Sau. AND get our left-wing-media to spread the tale that only Nazis and incompetent bosses are against this cute satirical song .“ https://www.zeit.de/kultur/2020-01/wdr-satire-tom-buhrow-fernsehautoren-journalismus

„Hilarious“, murmur Mutti and her friends. „Let’s encourage those kids. And let’s discourage the ones that doubt our power, MY power. They must be discouraged. They must not get away with criticizing me. They must be told that their old-fashioned ways are no longer needed. Let’s throw them out. I don’t need them any more. I don’t want to have my power doubted. That’s important and right. It’s the right thing to do.“

She continues: „Let’s make friends with that brat… what’s her name again? You know who I mean, the one from, what was it – Sweden? She is good PR. Let’s have my photo taken together with her. That will make me look good again. Popular. That’s right and important. To be popular.

But let’s call all the other ones, the ones who want to get rid of me, ‚populists‘. Right? That’s right and important. Make them look like populists. Sounds bad. Make them sound bad. Like extremists. Right-wing extremists.

What do you say? There is also some trouble with left-wing extremists? We can’t have this. If we cannot have this, we don’t have it. Ignore it. Left-fascism doesn’t exist because I deny it, my entourage denies it, the left-fascists deny it. That’s proof enough.“

Then she wonders: „Our highest representative recommends songs that glorify extremist violence against our police? How can this be? Oh, you mean, it’s violence from indy-something, anti -something. Oh, well that’s another case. Ignore it. Ignoring them is the right and important thing to do. Concentrate on the right. They are the ones acting against me. The others, those anti-something, indy -something they are not acting against me. Maybe against the state of Denmark, but not against the Queen and King of Denmark. Not against them. And that’s the important thing. The only important thing.

And our son Hamlet? He complains that something is wrong, that there is foul play? How can this be? Occupy him. Give him something to do. Send him to …. Germany. Let him go jump in the streets with the kids: „The ones who don’t jump are Nazis“.

Then all will be fine in the state of Denmark again, ehhh, Germany? What will the future hold for such rotten countries??

One of the most negative aspects of life in such a country is the raising rate of anarchy and of threatening people. Lots of people, whether from the muslim community, the extreme right or the extreme left, try to threaten people who they hate or only don’t agree with, with all kinds of violence, from having them thrown out of public places to gate crashing any assemblies they are having, and to outright murder in the most extreme cases.

And mind you: Readon is saying: Violence is violence and cannot be accepted or tolerated. Never mind where it comes from; it is all the same extremely stupid and dangerous attitude towards people hated for whatever stupid „reason“ by other people who have no right at all to spread hatred. To threaten people, to endanger their lives, to hate them because of the opinions they have, to interfere in decent debates or to call somebody names because he/ she doesn’t agree with you, is no way of solving any problem.

And that’s the main problem in Germany. On one hand the denial of really existing and urgent problems by her politicians and media, on the other hand the vilifying and even demonizing of people who don’t agree in a democratic way with someone else’s positions. bThis is done by extremists of all political, social or religious factions.

2. – 4. January 2020

If anybody should be angry about this text: It is a satire, of course, haven’t you realized this? It’s sooo obvious, isn’t it?