Greta the Great is on her way back to Europe

There will be a climate meeting in Madrid instead of in Chile and she found herself on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Bad luck.

But now, everything will be fine. The European world can look forward to their daily dose of Gretaism again. Not that we missed it, though. However, she IS on her way back to Europe. If one reads the fan commentaries, it seems as if Greta is the one who sails the catamaran, though she isn’t. A professional sailor does it together with the young couple that owns the boat.

One wonders. Really. Greta states in her twitters that it is NOT THAT important that she will be at this climate conference. Other young people and scientists can make the same statements as she would like to make.

If this is the case, why is she crossing the Atlantic Ocean at this time of the year at all? It is pretty dangerous. Why did she not stay in the US for some more time, let’s say till springtime, when the weather will be better for such a crossing. She could have joined via satellite conference call and there wouldn’t have been any harm done.

She doesn’t harm anyone, you might say. Well, of course it’s the young Australians‘ decision to take her across the ocean, aided by a professional British sailor. However, what does the Lord’s Prayer say? „And lead us not into temptation“. And the temptation for such a young couple is great, greater than Greta, to give her a lift to Europe. They will become immensely popular and famous thanks to her, they will have thousands more followers on the internet and thus make more money.

In one of their newer videos the young man deplores a bit that now that they „have Lennie“, their little boy of eleven months, still a baby really, they cannot do such very adventurous things like sailing into or across the open ocean, far away from any land, any more. And along comes Greta, tempting them by begging for transport across the Atlantic and they decide to risk exactly the same thing they thought to be far too dangerous for their baby before.

How sensible is a crossing of the Atlantic in November with a baby on board, a toddler whose movements will be restricted to the boat for weeks? Who might face really dangerous weather and waves. And all this because his parents are tempted by fame and Greta and because the latter one was looking for a way out of her self-imposed fix.

A person who does not want to fly, but still wants to move around in a modern way, from one continent to the next and across those continents, wants to have it all: the possibility to move as any modern person does though doing it in a way that needs nearly as much time as Columbus needed. This is not feasible. And to be honest: the old ways of Columbus and the sailors of the olden times were extremely dangerous ways. Should a toddler be exposed to such dangers without any necessity? No.

Greta is probably so self-centered that she can only see her own little self. This is also typical of her syndrome. She wants to do this and she wants to do that and presto, presto, please and everybody has to be at her beck and call. Okay, of course, it is mainly the responsibility of those young parents who have decided to give her a lift, though reason and common sense all speak against it. And father Thunberg is also not any more sensible than his daughter.

And apart from this, one also wonders: Where is the photographer who accompanied Greta and dad from Southhampton to New York on the „Malizia“? Obviously not on „La Vagabonde“. This means that not only did her first transport crew fly back to Europe and the crew that sailed the „Malizia“ back to Europe had to fly to the USA because of Greta (makes already 4 -5, depending on crew size, flights), but also the photographer took a flight back to England or Sweden. Just to please the little girl who doesn’t want to fly. Because she wants to get what she has decided to get, lots of people have to fly instead of just 1 person – Greta.

Her excuse: Not a really good one: She is not responsible for what other people are doing. Wow, isn’t she? Isn’t she the one who demands that everybody does what she wants to be done? One really wonders. How adoring can parents become if they give up a career, travel around the world with their daughter on sailing boats (how can parents earn any money in this way??), endanger other people’s baby’s life, need lots of transport space on airplanes because of their entourage, and so on, and so on.

It just doesn’t make sense, so it all seems to be pretty hypocritical. Though some parts of the western world still adore Greta and her so-called wisdom. Especially now, as someone has dug up an old photo of a Swedish girl looking a bit like Greta. The world, the world that always wants to believe in some kind of saints – no matter how silly that is – wants to believe in a Greta who has come back on earth to save all of us. A new Greta religion is in the making, it seems.

This is more than silly and completely childish and immature! For nearly everyone in the world there exists a person who looks like him or her. That’s a fact. One of the most famous cases was one British king Edward. The Queen has a double and so do many other celebrities (even Merkel). And there is nothing saint or weird or otherworldly about it. Just coincidence. So why not Greta as well?

The world obviously wants to be led by some „leader“, by some „extraordinary“ or „holy“ person they can believe in. This childish attitude is open to all kinds of abuse, though. With or without ghosts and saints and all that silly superstition.

Be reasonable, everyone!

(24. Nov 19)