Berlin – Görlitzpark: An example of what kind of sick irrationality is awaiting us?

The mayor of Teheran/ Iran, a Mr Hanachi, was invited by the ruling Mayor of Berlin, Mr Müller, to come to a meeting to Berlin. So far, so good.
However, this Mr Hanachi is not just any mayor, but an ardent Antisemite who hates Israel and the Jews from all his heart.

Why is he then invited by Müller at all? Müller knows that Hanachi wants to drive all Jews out of Israel. He knows that the Iranian mullah government are busily working on building their own atomic bombs to threaten Israel, to flatten Israel, to wipe the Jewish state off the face of the earth. Can ANY German mayor work together with such a person? A person who wants to kill millions of Jews? Like Hitler did?

Can a German mayor, especially the mayor of Germany’s capital Berlin invite such an Antisemite? Everybody in the civilized world would say „NO“. Impossible.
However, what seems impossible to normal people with a normally functioning brain and mind and conscience, is possible in Berlin – the mad capital of a state that becomes more like a madhouse with every new day.

Berlin and its red/green city government is not only crazy and mad but in Berlin itself there is an area that is even madder and crazier, ruled by the green sub-mayor Herrmann, a woman who should not be mayor at all because she is completely inept and inadequate to do what she should do as the mayor of a part of Berlin: Take responsibility and make sure that the laws are adhered to in her area of Kreuzberg.
However, she is not up to the job at all. The only thing she can do is act in a bemuddled, befuddled, completely irresponsible way endangering most of the people who live in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

And here we find the same craziness shown in Müller’s invitation to a notorious, dangerous Iranian mullah. Berlin should allegedly be a place – according to Müller – that is completely open and tolerant to each and everybody. As we will see a bit later, this is a lie, anyway, but let’s have a look at this so-called „openness and tolerance“ first.

Berlin is the only city in Germany that not only „tolerates“ drug dealers and other criminals openly but even protects and encourages them in their wrongdoings and offers them a park in the middle of the city for practicing their dangerous crimes.

Women, schoolchildren, teenagers, older people, businesspeople and lots of others get threatened, attacked and stalked by those criminals from African and Muslim countries and by Arabian gangs, who all deal in drugs openly and who often take drugs themselves and become extremely aggressive.
Women and children have to avoid places like the Görlitz Park even during daytime because it is far too dangerous for them. Even primary school children on their way to school are followed by those criminals who want to sell them drugs. They get quite nasty if the children and other people try to ignore them. The police is sent there to keep up a certain pretence of law and order. However, the gangsters and dealers play their hide- and- seek game with the police, they ridicule the police and also attack them nearly every day.

And though it should be – as in any normal city in the world- the task of the police to arrest criminals and make sure that they do not corrupt and disrupt the lives of the citizens, this rule does not apply to Berlin. Here it is the other way round: Criminals, Antisemites, gangsters are protected by the politicians and the police is treated as a scapegoat by gangsters and politicians alike. They have to do their duty and still they cannot do their duty because the politicians don’t want them to do it. MADHOUSE BERLIN!

Even that Herrmann woman, that strange mayor, admits that she herself never goes into a Berlin Park anymore because this is „far too dangerous“.
Asked why she doesn’t want to put an end to all the criminal activities going on there she says: „If this group, the dealers, will not be allowed to enter the park anymore, who will be next? Who will we exclude and persecute next?“ The mental sanity of any politician who poses such questions is to be doubted, indeed. In any city in the world it is normal to „exclude“ (i.e. arrest) criminals from public places where they endanger the lives of all law- abiding citizens, Alas, not in Berlin!

And the sanity of a mayor like Müller who tells the world the following, is also to be doubted (We quote from a letter we received from him):
“ Berlin steht auch für eine Gleichheit aller Menschen, für die Wertschätzung von Diversität sowie Demokratie. Diese Werte sind nicht verhandelbar. In der Konsequenz bedeutet sie aber auch, den kritischen Dialog auch mit andersdenkenden Menschen zu ermöglichen und diese Prinzipien dabei offensiv zu vertreten. Besonders eindrucksvoll wird dies im Rahmen der Präsidentschaft des Regierenden Bürgermeisters im internationalen Städtenetzwerk Metropolis deutlich. Im Netzwerk kooperieren 138 Metropolen aus allen Kontinenten und aus sehr unterschiedlichen politischen und kulturellen Kontexten. Auch Teheran ist seit 27 Jahren Mitglied von Metropolis und Teil des demokratisch agierenden Vorstandes des Netzwerks.“
To call Teheran „part of the democratically acting board of the network“ is just mad.
To say that all people in Berlin – from, as we have seen, drug bosses and gangsters to police officers and young families – should be „treated equally“, that their „diversity should be appreciated“, whether they are law-abiding citizens or ruthless criminals, is another sign of plain madness.

Mayor Müller wants to have a „critical dialogue with people of different believes and ideas“. Okay, he includes into his „tolerance“, into his „openness“ gangsters, drug dealers, criminal clans and open Antisemites like Hanachi, and welcomes them to the city of Berlin and Germany as a whole. Though, if his so-called tolerance were put to the test, he would certainly not include people of opposite political parties and believes like members of the AfD. There his „tolerance“ and the „tolerance“ of the ruling class of Berlin as such ends abruptly. Zero tolerance, end of it, no discourse with those members at all. Though by now their voters make up up to a quarter of the population.

Even the German president who, according to his office, SHOULD BE the president of ALL Germans, excludes them, though his residence also borders a park in Berlin were all the others, the criminals and troublemakers, the Antisemites and thugs who beat up police and citizens alike, are welcome.

Berlin has already been notorious in the past for lots of negative politics and criminal actions and it is following in the footsteps of this negative history again. The WORLD CAPITAL OF ILLOGICAL, MISGUIDED AND HYPOCRITE THINKING AND CRIMINAL ACTIONS, clad in the thin coat of misguided „tolerance“. How can any politician who has a brain and is mentally healthy demand „tolerance“ for criminals and the crimes? How can any politician invite and support aggressive Antisemites and call such an act: „tolerance towards diversity“?

Is this what the future Germany will look like? The future Europe? A place where African and Muslim criminals have the say? Where women and girls cannot go into parks, out onto the streets any more? Where the law of the street and the strongest there, crime and anarchy rule? Where the police are reduced to mere puppets of crazy politicians, something that can be ridiculed and spit at? Where everything dilapidates, chaos rules and social cohesion breaks apart and is only a thing of the past remembered by the few people who still possess their sanity of mind, common sense, sensibility and responsibility?

Is this what Merkel’s government, the EU and UNO bureaucrats and such subaltern people like the Berlin mayors are aiming at and working for? A complete loss of control, of decency, of responsibility, of democracy, of humanity, of human rights? A breaking apart of any democratic and well-governed state in Europe?

Poor Europe! To be at the mercy of such misguided politicians!

(14. Sept 2019)